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Repair and service for all musical instruments including electric, acoustic and classical guitars; basses, banjos, mandolins; stringed instruments (violins, cellos, double basses); woodwind (clarinets, flutes, saxophones); brass (trumpets, trombones, tubas) and percussion instruments. Please call or message to make an appointment.
Guitar Service/Set-up
Customised set-up to your personal playing style and string gauge. Neck relief and truss rod are adjusted accordingly, nut and saddle heights are optimised, intonation is checked and adjusted, action is set, operation of electronics is checked, new strings are fitted and the fretboard and body are gently cleaned.
  • Classical from $80
  • Acoustic from $90
  • Electrics from $90
Woodwind Servicing
Basic service $110
Fully strip down instrument, wash and degrease. Check mechanisms, pads and body corks, replace up to 3 pads. Reassemble instrument and lubricate necessary parts. Adjust mechanisms for fast response. Test play.
Second level servicing such as full repads or machining of parts etc available as required.
Free quotes on any other damage repairs.

Prices in Australian Dollars



 A collection of guitars recently in the workshop 

Gibson Chet Atkins
Gibson Chet Atkins Signature
Greco G6 II
Greco G6 II fret levelled
Fender Telecaster
Fender Tele fret level and set up
PRS SE guitar 3 humbuckers
BC Rich Mockingbird
BC Rich Mockingbird
Vox Bobcat
1970's Vox Bobcat
Cole Clark FL2AC
Cole Clark Fat Lady 2
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Les Paul Brown burst
Cole Clark Angel
Cole Clark Angel Acoustic
Yamaha SG
Yamaha SG burst
Ibanez AZ
Ibanez AZ series
Les Paul Appetite for Destruction
Les Paul Tobacco Burst Slash Guitar
ES 335 Electric Blue
Hollow Body ES 335
Fender Strat Plus Deluxe
Late 80's Fender Strat Plus
Jackson Kelly
Jackson Kelly with Bareknuckle WarPigs
Gretsch G5120 Guitar
Gretsch G5120 Guitar
Garry Stacey Guitar
Made by Garry Stacey at Bailey Guitars
Fender Stratocaster American Special
Fender Strat American Special

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