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Guitar Repairs South West was established in 2017 by Dave Johnson, a HUGE guitar fan who back in ‘97 wanted a steel string acoustic guitar so badly he decided to try and build one for himself! In the years that followed, he gradually learned a bit more about the art of lutherie and continued to build a few more acoustic and electric guitars. He also started fixing and repairing his friends (and friends of friends) guitars when they had issues or required set-ups and restringing. Repairs quickly evolved to regular servicing, modifications, refinishing, custom builds and the like, and it was from that process that a business evolved utilising skills that had developed over 20+ years. 


Guitar Repairs South West is located in the town of Vasse, Western Australia and can provide complete instrument servicing including all major and minor repairs, set-ups, structural damage repair, electronics fault finding, custom modifications, fret work, pickup installations, refinishing of instruments, restoration of vintage guitars and friendly advice. All quotes are provided free of charge.

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