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primed guitar body
respray guitar body Kawasaki green
Adrian Moore Kawasaki green Flying V guitar
Strat refinish in Shell pink
The Heritage pickguard refinish
The Heritage pickguard respray
Acoustic guitar neck refinish
Maton guitar top full respray
Martin fret ends refinish
Gibson Les Paul neck respray
Maton top refinish
Fender Custom Shop Strat neck refinish
Fender Custom Shop neck respray
Maton refinish guitar
Martin guitar neck finish removal
Martin guitar neck refinish
Finish Repairs:
Disassemble (or reassemble) all hardware and electronics from guitar before finish work $90
Refinish over existing finish - Bolt-on body only $350, Set neck whole guitar $550
Finish removal/strip to bare wood:
- Neck $90, Bolt on body $120, Set neck body only $180
- Acoustic top $90, Acoustic whole body $180

Refinish work (from bare wood) - Bolt on body $350, Set neck whole guitar $550, neck only $220
Acoustic top only (remove bridge) $450
Acoustic full refinish (remove bridge) $700
Binding finish repairs - One area (drip fill, spray, buff/polish) $140, Four areas at waist $220

Buffing/polishing service $150 (includes all hardware removal and refit)

All Finishes available including nitrocellulose lacquer and 2-pk polyurethane lacquer, bursts or custom colours can be matched where possible.
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