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Les Paul fret level
Strat refret
Martin partial refret
Fender Strat fret level and recrown
Epiphone Crestwood full refret
Epiphone Crestwood full refret
Fret level and recrown
Epiphone Crestwood ful refret
Fender Stratocaster fret level
Fender Stratocaster refret
Fender Telecaster fret level
Cats Eyes guitar refret
Cats Eyes acoustic guitar refret
Acoustic guitar fret level
Fret Level and Re-crown (includes full set-up) $230
Partial Re-fret $100 + $20 per fret (+full set-up fee)
Full Re-frets:
  • Rosewood/ebony unbound $450
  • Rosewood/ebony bound fretboard $485
  • Maple $475 (re-finish of fretboard surface in gloss if required +$180)
(A new nut may also be required for a refret +$100, +full setup fee)
Acoustic guitar fret level
Hofner Senator fret level
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