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Classical guitar Spanish heel neck reset
Sawing off a classical guitar neck
cutting off a classical guitar neck
Steaming Martin guitar neck
Neck heel measurement for neck reset
measuring guitar neck angle
acoustic guitar fretboard removal
Classical guitar broken neck
Martin fretboard removal
Filling fretboard holes after neck reset
Completed Martin neck reset
Measuring neck angle on Gibson J200 neck reset
Fretboard removal Gibson J200 neck reset
Neck resets are necessary when the guitar's action is too high to be comfortable and the saddle cannot be lowered any further. The neck angle has moved over time and needs to be returned to the correct alignment.

Neck Reset price is dependant on the type of neck joint and the finish requirements. Starting price $440.
A conversion to a bolt-on style neck is also a possible solution to a guitar with a Spanish heel design.

Other strategies can be discussed at appointment.

Taylor neck resets $105 (genuine Taylor shims - GRSW is an authorised Taylor repairer)
Neck removed Gibson J200 neck reset
Completed neck reset Gibson J200
Martin neck removal neck reset
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